Brasil, Fazenda Lagoa Seca Cup of Excellence #26

Kaffebæret er 100% Gul Icatu. Bærtørket. Kun 330kg er produsert.

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Land: Brasil
Region: Cerrado Mineiro
Produsent Fazenda Lagoa Seca
Prosess: Nnatural / bærtørket
Høyde: 1105 moh
Kaffebær: Gul icatu
Smaksprofil: Aprikos, søt, floral med en behagelig frishhet
Bryggemetode: Håndbrygg, filter

The history of the Andrade family in the production of and love for coffee began in 1901, when the producer’s ancestors arrived in Carmo do Paranaíba, in the high Cerrado Mineiro region of Minas Gerais. In the 1970s, brothers Ismael and Eduardo Andrade, the third generation of the family, reestablished coffee farms in the region, among them Fazenda Lagoa Seca, which is at 1105 meters of elevation in the rural district of Carmo do Paranaíba. Soon the Andrade brothers learned from their ancestors that the least they could do for the universe is to respect the environment, repaying everything that nature provides. Thus, environmental sustainability and the preservation of nature and constant concerns in the management of the family group’s farms, which have several certifications.

Doctor Eduardo, as he is known, is a physician with an international education. He runs the farm with his brother, Ismael Andrade. The brothers are assisted by a team of professionals with vast experience with specialty coffees and a long history of working with them. Dr. Eduardo focuses on managing human resources, training the team and developing new post-harvest processing techniques, all in order to reap excellent fruits harvest after harvest. Recognition of the Andrade brother’s hard work has been reflected in awards in the Cup of Excellence since 2016. 

The harvest of this lot of Yellow Icatu occurred when 90% of the coffee cherries were ripe and used a mechanical picker. After picking, the fruits pass through an electronic bean selector, which separates ripe cherries from green ones and floaters (dried fruits), without using any water. Next the ripe fruits are placed into containers to control temperature, pH and pressure, and are fermented anaerobically, that is, without oxygen, for a period of 120 hours. After fermentation, the cherries were dried on African beds inside a greenhouse, initially spread in a thin layer, which was thickened to a maximum of 5 cm. The coffee was dried for 21 days. Then the coffee cherries was stored intact, that is with the husk, for 35 days, before being processed.

The farm is extremely concerned about quality. They carefully watch over every detail of production, to the final product, the perfect cup. This care includes production, harvest, post-harvest, warehousing, intensive quality control, sensory profile analysis and traceability of each plot of the farm. This is crucial and has a direct impact on the quality of the product, providing our connoisseurs with a high-quality, consistent product. The team is always looking for ways of achieving even more quality. Therefore, the brothers frequently invest and seek scientific knowledge to improve post-harvest processes.

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